J. Hunter Nolan

Producer | Director of Photography | MōVi and Drone Operator 

Hunter Nolan is an American producer and cinematographer. As a cinematographer, he is best known for his work on Before the Flood, a climate change documentary directed by Fisher Stevens, produced by Leonardo DiCaprio and executive produced by Martin Scorsese.  

He was born John Hunter Nolan in Falmouth, Maine, the son of Jennifer, an award winning author and passionate environmentalist, and John Nolan, a mechanical engineer and entrepreneur.

He consistently works with acclaimed directors and producers to help achieve their storytelling vision. As a cinematographer, he is known for his MōVi and Aerial work on the award winning documentaries Before the Flood, Sky Ladder and Racing extinction. His feature film credits include It’s Time, Horrible Bosses 2 and Syrup. He is currently working as Director of Photography for the documentary film The Game Changers (2017), executive produced by James Cameron. 

He founded Insight Visual Co. in 2013 to provide creative services to the best storytellers of the world and to translate visual content into action and reaction with viewers.

He is active in environmental conservation and animal rights causes. He recently spent time in Standing Rock, Oceti Sakowin Camp, North Dakota to film an original short documentary about the Native American Water Protectors and life at camp which he plans to release in early 2017. 

Insight Visual Co expects to expand its footprint in 2017 by increasing MōVi and Aerial production, by directing feature and documentary films and by producing impactful original content.