John Hunter Nolan

Director of Photography | Documentary Director 

John Hunter Nolan is an American documentary film cinematographer and director based in Brooklyn, New York. As a cinematographer, he is best known for his work on The Game Changers (2019), And We Go Green (2019), The Human Element (2018), Sky Ladder (2016), Before the Flood (2016), and Racing Extinction (2015). He has worked alongside acclaimed directors and producers such as Louie Psihoyos, Fisher Stevens, James Cameron, Leonardo DiCaprio, James Balog, Malcolm Venville, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and JR.

Hunter’s non-narrative media work with the artist JR is displayed in the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Brooklyn Museum and in print media around the world including the cover of Time Magazine’s Guns in America issue. This work is nominated for a 2019 News & Documentary Emmy Award.

Hunter is currently in production directing his first documentary feature film about the effort to protect Bristol Bay and stop the Pebble Mine Project from going in. The mining proposal threatens Alaska’s Wilderness, it’s Brown Bear Population, and one of the largest sustainable wild caught salmon fisheries on the planet. Production of the film will finish in early 2020 with the intent of being ready for distribution by Q3 of 2020.

He founded Insight Visual Co. in 2013 to provide creative and production services for storytellers. Active in environmental conservation, endangered species legislation, and raising awareness around humanitarian issues, Hunter aims to use film as a catalyst for action and awareness.

Insight Visual Co. aims to continue producing feature length documentary films through 2019 and beyond, with a continued focus on impact filmmaking.

Born John Hunter Nolan, he is the eldest of four brothers and was raised in Falmouth, Maine by his parents Jennifer R. Nolan, an award-winning author and passionate environmentalist, and John P. Nolan, a mechanical engineer and entrepreneur. When not working, Hunter is often found enjoying the outdoors and the places around the world that he is focused on protecting through film and storytelling.